Vileda Professional, sponsor of the Interclean Healthcare Cleaning Forum

Cleaning and disinfection in Healthcare. Learn, share and discuss

12th May 2022, RAI Congress & Exhibition Centre Amsterdam

Vileda Professional is one of the dedicated sponsors of the Healthcare Cleaning Forum, an international event about new developments in environmental cleaning and infection control. A day worth to invest in for all professionals working in Healthcare cleaning and infection control. 

Visitors to this year's conference can look forward to interesting keynote speeches and breakout sessions relating to themes such as the impact of COVID, cleaning and disinfection, (international) guidelines, sustainability, the importance of evidence-based interventions and new, innovative technology.

The speakers at the conference in the morning include Prof. Didier Pittet (University of Geneva Hospitals), Martin Kiernan (Richard Wells Research Centre, UK) and Juliette Severin (Erasmus MC Rotterdam). The event is supported by the “Clean Hospitals” initiative and the Dutch association for infection control (VHIG). 

Cleaning without detergents. Is it safe? 

Vileda Professional facilitates a one-hour break-out session in the afternoon on the topic “Cleaning without detergents, is it safe?”. Paul Harleman, expert in professional cleaning at Vileda Professional, moderates the session and Kristel Rietveld, infection control expert at the Dutch Green Heart hospital, shares her experiences and knowledge on the topic. Is it a new cleaning system? How does it work? Is it evidence-based, safe and hygienic? What are the advantages?  All interesting questions which we will discuss with the knowledge and experience we have in the Netherlands and Belgium. We guarantee our audience an interesting and inspiring discussion. 

Check out the full program here and join us now on the 12th of May at Interclean Amsterdam.